How to Measure your SEO Campaign with Analytics

Brampton Web Design

Every SEO Campaign by businesses is designed to improve their website rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). But the end goals of these businesses may greatly vary, i.e., some may be looking for higher traffic on their site, while others may be looking to optimize conversions and make sales. Whatever your end goal may be, you need to keep tabs on the performance of your campaign to improve the results of SEO.

Depending on your business goals, the metrics that you should be considering varies. These metrics tell us about the performance of SEO campaigns and how users are engaging with the content and their activity. All this data can be accessed from the Google Analytics dashboard, where you can measure your campaigns effectively.

But, what are they?

Let’s look at these metrics that’ll define your SEO campaign performance and help you formulate strategies based on real-world data.