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How Can SEO and PPC Help in Your Business Growth?


Having an online presence for your business entails many benefits. From brand awareness to gaining conversions, a website acts as your virtual store where your business is visible to your target audience with the necessary tools to convert them into customers.

But how can it be achieved? What’s the bridge that connects brand awareness and lead generation?

The simple answer is marketing.

Growing your business online is only possible with sound marketing strategies. And the two major sources of gaining high-quality leads and brand awareness are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


Is SEO just a Marketing Gimmick for Gaining More Visibility?


The short answer is not. SEO boosts the quality of your web traffic by positioning your website on top of search results. Such a high rank significantly improves your chances of gaining conversion. Among many other factors, improving your website’s domain authority and user experience can put your business on top of search results.

With a sound SEO strategy, you can increase the visibility and reach of your business to tap into newer markets and target a wider customer base. With more prospects finding your business online, you can boost your conversion rates and enhance revenue.

Thus, SEO is much more than just a visibility gimmick. It’s actually the most cost-effective marketing strategy out there, which can deliver outstanding results with a superb ROI.

Let’s look into the major benefits of SEO for your business.

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How Can SEO Help Your Business Grow?


  • Increases Trust and Brand Awareness

SEO is an awesome marketing tool to build trust among your target audience and gain a reputation for your business. You have a competitive advantage by being visible on Google’s top page, and your target audience will likely view you as an industry leader in your niche.


  • Sustainable Results

SEO is the most sustainable marketing practice that delivers organic results for your business. Most of your online traffic will come from organic searches, and SEO guarantees just that.


  • Cost-Effective

SEO is also a cheap marketing strategy. You only need to spend on hiring an SEO specialist or agency, which is a small investment that can generate immense traffic and boost your business on top of SERPs. By consuming a fraction of your marketing budget, you can easily reach your desired business goals.


  • Targeted Audience

Every SEO campaign is driven by targeting your target audience’s right set of keywords. When your site reaches on top of SERPs, your business is visible to the right people and at the right time. This improves your chances of gaining better quality leads who are more likely to convert as your customers.

  • Data-Driven Strategy

With the help of analytical tools, you can gather important data about consumer behavior by finding the search terms they use to access information online. Such data can be evaluated to understand your audience better and improve your marketing tactics. Analytics will also help you in evaluating your website performance and your audience’s response to it.

SEO is Great, But What About PPC?

PPC is another marketing strategy that allows you to create engaging advertisements which are visible to your target audience across the internet. It’s a form of paid advertisement which include:


  • Search Advertisements;
  • Display Advertisements;
  • Video Advertisements;
  • E-commerce Advertisements; and
  • Application Advertisements.


PPC is an instantaneous marketing solution that can be used to reach a highly targeted audience as per their interest. Though it includes a minimum price that you need to pay every time a user clicks on your ad, it has the potential to deliver outstanding returns on your investment.


How Can PPC Give You A Marketing Momentum?


  • Pay for Clicks Only

A PPC ad’s major benefit is that you only have to pay when the user clicks on your ad. This guarantees that you only pay when your prospects visit your ad. Moreover, you can assign a budget to your ad, which will only be sure when a click is made on it. As soon as your business is exhausted, Google will stop showing your ad.


  • Targeted Ads

PPC is somewhat similar to SEO in terms of selecting search phrases. But you can also go on to hyper-target your prospects based on interest, age, gender, location, industry, etc. Moreover, you can go back and make changes whenever you want to.

  • Fast Results

PPC also guarantees you quick results, unlike SEO which takes months to get your website on top. If you create your ads perfectly, you can rest assured of getting a boost in your web traffic until the ad runs.


  • Boosts ROI

Investing your money in paid search advertising guarantees a boosted ROI with quick results. You can generate any amount of profit you desire and keep your sales funnel full by creating effective advertisements with relevant targeting filters.


Now that we’ve understood what each marketing tactic can do to your business individually, let’s take a look at what they bring to the table together.

How SEO and PPC Can Up Your Marketing Game?

Though both these marketing strategies can bring incremental traffic to your site, SEO guarantees sustainable and organic results, while PPC gives you instant and more refined results. Marketers use both these tactics to get the best of both worlds: growing their customer base quickly while maintaining consistency.


Using both simultaneously has the following benefits in store for your business:


  • Robust Online Presence

With the mix of SEO and PPC, you can create an outstanding customer base while holding the top position on search results. PPC ads will boost your marketing initiative, while SEO will increase trust and credibility around your brand.


  • Remarketing

SEO and PPC play an important role in an e-commerce site’s success and thriving. While the former keeps your online store visible to consumers and brings traffic to your site, the latter ensures that all that online traffic doesn’t go to waste.


With PPC, you can start a remarketing campaign and target users who visited your site but haven’t completed the desired action. You’d obviously want to rank on top in this highly competitive marketplace, but you also want a maximum number of conversions for your business.


  • Data Analysis

All marketing campaigns are rooted in raw data, which are then channelized by marketers to form effective ad campaigns. With SEO and PPC both, you can get a lot of information on your target audience, competitors, and the latest marketing trends in your niche.


By analyzing your conversion, click-through, and bounce rates, you can identify lag areas where you need to focus more to achieve the desired goals.


  • Understanding your Customers

Unlike PPC, SEO takes quite a lot of time to return results, even when you do it right. In order to efficiently plan your SEO keyword strategy, you can use PPC for keyword testing and ensure whether a particular search phrase will get you conversions in the long haul.


Targeting keywords means solving a particular problem for your buyers. Thus, with PPC and SEO, you’ll stay a step ahead in understanding what your customers want and their preferences.


Use SEO and PPC Together to Facilitate Business Growth

By using SEO and PPC Together, you can boost your business growth with rapid conversions while maintaining brand credibility. You can boost your profits whenever you want with PPC and enjoy a steady flow of traffic with SEO.


If you’re looking for an agency that can deliver you excellence in SEO and PPC, turn to us. Our marketing team can devise unique strategies to position your brand over your competitors and gain more conversions.