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How to improve social media engagement for your business?

Almost 4 billion people use social media platforms every day. Needless to say, that’s 4 billion prospective customers for businesses. This translates into a huge potential for marketers who can advertise their products to a wide range of target audiences at a fraction of the cost involved in traditional marketing.

Generally speaking, marketers see a handsome engagement rate on social media platforms. Social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have powerful marketing tools that allow you to reach a wide range of people, interact with your target audience better, build brand awareness and ultimately acquire more customers.

But that isn’t always the case. You may have planned your content, set a budget and time, and chosen your demographics well, but you still don’t see the engagements you want. And hyper-posting isn’t going to help you either.

So how do you navigate around this quagmire?

Read on below to get your basics right and improve social media engagement for your brand.

Choose the Right Platform

Regardless of your content quality and marketing budget, if you’re using the same strategy on all platforms, you’ll never succeed in engaging your target audience in all of them. What works on Instagram won’t do well on LinkedIn.



But how do we choose the right platform then?

There are a few simple questions that need answering here. What is your marketing objective? Who is your target audience, and which platform are they most active on?

Your marketing objective and business model will play a vital role in choosing the right platform. A B2B company should focus on LinkedIn rather than Tik Tok. Similarly, B2C e-commerce businesses will reap better Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok returns.

And while it won’t harm you to promote your brand on multiple platforms for advertising, your core focus should be the ideal platforms where your target audience is most active.

You can also take a leaf out of your competitor’s notebook and see which platforms are the most active and how their content strategy differs from one platform to the other.

Engage with your Audience

Taking the initiative to engage with your audience is an indispensable strategy on social platforms, especially if you’re a start-up. Simply replying to queries on comments and messages will go a long way in establishing you as a trustworthy brand to your customers.


Be prompt with replies whenever somebody reaches out to you. You can also comment and share your audience’s posts to create a more personal relationship with them.

If you’re not willing to engage with your audience on social platforms, you’re just another social account among a billion others, something that’ll neither bring you more sales nor improve your brand credibility.

Create Value-Driven Content

Across all marketing platforms, content is the king! Content is the prime factor that’ll influence your target audience to pursue the call-to-action that you want them to take.

And on social media, this can be quantified in the form of engagement and impressions. So, if your content isn’t providing value to your audience, your engagement rate will always be low. And it’s never too late to alter your content strategy; out with the obsolete, in with the new.

There are various types of content you can create on social platforms like:

  1. Graphics and Images
  2. Explainer, Product, and Customer Journey Videos
  3. User-Generated Content
  4. Live Videos and Stories
  5. Blogs and Articles

Your content strategy could also include any offers, discounts, or giveaways that you can initiate to engage better with your audience.

 improve social media engagement for your business

Keep Track of Engagements

Getting more engagements on your social posts is the crux behind social media marketing. With a good rate of engagement, better leads and conversions will automatically follow.

Engagements include likes, comments, shares, reactions, retweets, increase in followers, on-page purchases, click-throughs, etc. Keeping track of all these metrics will help you to chart your growth over time and tell you if your current strategy is working or not.

Maybe you’re getting more likes but fewer comments, in which case you might consider engaging your audience with questions, polls, opinions, etc. If you’re getting likes and comments, but your posts aren’t shared enough, you need to focus on creating share-worthy content that’s informative and accurate.

When you measure your growth over these metrics, you’ll find out if you’re falling short of your KPIs or fulfilling them.

Post with Consistency

To get continuous engagement on your posts, you must consistently post across all social platforms. Publishing content randomly will not only do any good to your engagements but also make it difficult for you to track growth.

If your Facebook marketing strategy includes posting three times a week, then that should be followed judiciously by your digital marketing team.

Similarly, it’s advisable to schedule your posts and publish them when your target audience is most active on the social platform. The analytic report will tell you when you’re getting the most engagements on your post, which means that your audience is most active in that duration.

You can make use of tools like Buffer to plan and schedule your content across multiple social platforms.

Use Paid Ads

Facebook alone is a million-dollar market when it comes to ad spending on the platform globally. This number gives you a measure of the outstanding ROI that Facebook gives back for paid ads.

Paid advertisements on social sites allow you to reach a wide customer base who are more likely to buy from your business. Not just Facebook, every social media platform has various options to place your ads, e.g., Feed, stories, marketplace, etc.

Using the best channel and placement of your ads will reap you great benefits and optimize your engagement rate.

Wrapping Up

Social media serves as a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. You can include the points mentioned above in your social marketing strategy to build a robust presence and engage with your audience effectively.

At Brampton web design SEO agency, we are experts in leveraging social media to help you establish a robust presence and acquire qualified leads for your business.

Contact us to create a winning social marketing strategy that helps your business to grow.